About me

My name is Veronique and although I was born in Belgium I have spent a significant amount of my developmental years abroad.

Having spent those years abroad and moving around, I have personally experienced all the ups and downs of life as a TCK.

Being a TCK I’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes and hellos, I’ve experienced a lot of olds and news and this in turn can lead to unresolved grief. Global life moves at a fast pace and this doesn’t always leave time to address the sadness that comes with saying goodbye to friends, school, family and cultures. Mostly because upon arriving at a new place life starts immediately…Unpacking, going to school, meeting new people…etc.

After working in customer care for several years, time had come to get to the core of my international upbringing. It is, after all, a very large part of who I am. After spending extended amount of time researching I found several books that gave me in-depth insight of what it means to be a TCK. These are also part of the reason why I want to help TCKs and my motivation to sign up for coach training.

Being a certified coach and a TCK allows me to understand and guide other TCKs through their problems of not fitting in, being misunderstood, not knowing where home is, meeting new people and unresolved grief. I can also help and prepare you and your family for the next move and Skype sessions allows us to have follow- up sessions even after moving.

Contact details

tel: +32 494 69 42 32

email: info@thaumo.com