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An international is someone who has spent a large part of the developmental years in another culture than the ones their parents have. Because of the time spend in different cultures these children develop a relationship to both cultures without have any sense of ownership in any of these cultures.

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Have you ever driven your car somewhere and arriving at your destination only to realize you don’t remember anything about the journey? The majority of us have. This is a typical example of mindlessness. When you brain is on autopilot this is exactly what happens, you are no longer…

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More than half the worlds’ population speaks more than one language. This means the other half of the world is monolingual. Have you ever wondered how you and/or your children can benefit from speaking more than one language fluently and how this affects their everyday lives?

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Conference #FIGT2019

I am very proud to announce that I will be hosting a Kitchen Table Conversation at the #FIGT2019 Conference in Bangkok on April 27th 2019.…
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